Video footage from the 2018 Canadian Open between Highwood and Chateau D'esClans. Video Credit: Victoria McFadyen - AtomicTen

The Canadian Open - 2019

The Canadian Open is a high-goal tournament which took place at the Calgary Polo Club on August 17th. The teams, Highwood and Chateau D'esclans are 16-goal teams, making the Canadian Open one of the highest goal games in Canada!

A special thank you to Highwood for your ongoing support of the sport of polo.




Marcelo Abbiati - 4 Goal

Marcelo is Captain of the HighWood polo team. He is a former 6 goal polo player who now calls Calgary home. He has represented Canada is many world cups and international polo tournaments.

He is happy to be playing in the Canadian Open for his eighth time.

Martin Donovan - 5 Goal 

Martin is a professional polo player rated at 5 goals from Buenos Aires. He grew up riding horses at his families ranch, located in General Belgrano, two hours outside of the city.

He is always happy to spend his summers in Calgary playing polo and he hopes to win the Canadian Open again this year.


Pedro Luis Orellana. - 3 Goal 

Pedro is from Trenque, Argentina. He is a three goal player. Pedro has very strong ties to Calgary as he has been playing here for the past 15 years and has a daughter who lives here.

Pedro is also a farmer and loves fishing.

Nacho Bello - 4 Goal

Nacho is a professional polo player, rated 4 goals. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and grew up riding horses at his family’s ranch, located in Ascochinga Córdoba.

He is always happy to spend the summer playing polo in Calgary’s and hope to win the Canadian Open!




Ron Mathison - 0 Goal

Ron is the sponsor of HighWood Polo and started playing in Calgary. He has completed in many international tournaments with his HighWood team or through his association with Chateau D’Esclan.

Marcos Llambias - 4 Goal

Marcos is a professional polo player from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Marcos is rated at 4 goals. He has spent most of his professional career playing in the United States.

Marcos is married to his wife Megan and they have three kids. He calls Chicago his second home.


Fernando (Fati) Reynot. - 5 Goal 

Fati is from Rio Cuarto, Argentina. Fernando spent most of his career playing in California and Paris. This will be his second summer in Calgary. Fati is happy to be playing in the Canadian Open for the second time.

Segundo Bocchino - 6 Goal

Segundo is from Pilar, Argentina and is 23 years old. He started playing polo at the age of 6. Segundo loves polo and most of all horses. He is competing at a high level in Argentina.

This year he is looking to capture the Camara de Diputados Cup in Argentina, which last year escaped from him in the finals. He is really thankful to be invited to the Canadian Open and hope to play a great match and win his first Canadian Open.

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